Stump Removal

Professional Stump Grinding

J & J stump grinders provides professional stump removal services, offering the best and most affordable stump grinding to our residential and commercial clients in Western Washington.

Stump grinding is the most effective method for removal of unsightly tree stumps with little to no impact to your property or landscaping.

We have the experience and equipment to handle any tree stump anywhere!

Save Money

Save money by contacting us directly for all of your stump removal needs. Most tree services and landscapers don’t actually remove their own stumps; they subcontract their stump grinding work to experts like us. We grind stumps better, faster and cheaper than they can do it themselves; and we limit their job site liability, because we  are already bonded and insured.

We are experienced stump removers with a history of satisfied customers in Seattle, Tacoma, and throughout the Greater Puget Sound Area. Our trained technicians will assess your
situation and provide you with a competitive stump removal quote.

Stump and Root Grinding Services

Tree stumps are unsightly and attract unwanted pests such as termites and ants. They make stubborn obstacles in the yard, especially for the lawnmowers. Furthermore, certain types of tree stumps will continue sprout shoots. If you have Stumpgrinding a Douglas Fir stumppaid to remove that tree, you certainly do not want it growing back. Tree stump roots can also pose continued problems and damages by growing into and under driveways, sidewalks, gardens, and flower beds. Most importantly, stumps are hazards that can cause injury and damage to innocent passers-by. This can be particularly problematic for homeowners and business owners concerned with property liability.

Here are just a few examples of the sorts of stumps and roots our company is capable of grinding and removing:

  • Pine Tree, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, and Cedar stumps of any size
  • Oak, maple, and other hardwood stumps
  • Apple, Cherry, Plum, and other ornamental stumps
  • Root balls from overturned trees
  • Dead stumps
  • Roots running across your yard
  • Roots growing into your driveway or sidewalk
  • Bush and shrub stumps
  • And many more…

What You Can Expect

  • A Competitive Stump Removal Quote
  • Professional Stump Grinding
  • Fast, Dependable & Friendly Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re Simply the Best Choice for Stump Removal,
Because Stump Grinding is All We Do!

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